Meet Kim Bates


September 6th, 1985


Mequon, WI

Band contributions

Backup vocals

What I do when I’m not performing

I am definitely a “right side of the brain” kind of girl. Not only to I love music and performing, but I also love art and being creative. My “real job” is teaching art at J.C. McKenna Middle School in Evansville, WI. Call me crazy for working with teenagers all day long, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. My job is extremely rewarding. When I’m not busy helping my students make art, I make art of my own through painting, ceramics, and other various media.

Musical Background

Video tapes of me as a child are filled with me singing and dancing in front of the camera. Surrounded by a musical family, I guess it was no surprise that I become very involved in singing solos and in choirs weekly at church, becoming active in school choirs, and participating in community theatre groups all throughout middle and high school. After high school I became a lead singer in a Milwaukee based band for a couple of years but unfortunately college and my career put music and singing on the backburner for several years. That is until I became a member of Pink Houses.

Guilty Pleasure Confession

I am a Disney freak and proud of it!

People I Admire

I have the best family, friends and fiancé a girl could ask for. They are the reason I wake up and put a smile on.