Make no mistake — This band ROCKS!

Ask any of the thousands of people throughout the Midwest who have witnessed a Pink Houses show and it’s likely you’ll get a reply suggesting that this 11-piece band is the closest thing to the real deal.

Consider this: How many self-described tribute bands actually get to perform for their particular artist’s hometown fan base under the guise of that artist’s “Ultimate Tribute Band” and then pull it off not just once, but two years in a row?


While being billed as “The Ultimate Tribute Band – From Cougar to Mellencamp”, they took their show and The Man’s music directly to Chestnut Street in Seymour, Indiana – winning The Small Town’s adoration in both 2010 and 2011.

And for a Small Town dentist from Edgerton, Wisconsin, who thought big, spent countless hours recruiting and rehearsing the right musicians, promoting and then leading Pink Houses to the top of the game, it all came as really no surprise…

As a 20-year veteran of The Midwest’s ruff and tumble Rock & Roll and Metal scene, Tom Reitz knew first-hand of the many challenges faced in trying rise to the top of that genre of music. Looking for something different, he wanted to put together a larger show with more musicians, which, in turn, would get broader audience attention and ultimately bigger and better gigs.

“We liked the idea of a larger band and when everything was said and done, it came down to Mellencamp because he has such a wide audience appeal,” Reitz said back in 2003 adding, “plus we’d be the only game in town.”

In the years since, that decision has proven to be the right one, time and time again. As other acts have come and gone, Pink Houses continues to pay — and play — tribute to the music that has been immortalized within our American Fabric. Just before the band’s sound check in Seymour back in 2010, Guitarist P-Jay Johnson, described it to a local reporter this way: “…there’s a little bit of all of us within the themes of his songs and the music is very cleverly laid out, which seems to be the catch…we can all relate to it.”

Several of their Seymour fans, (who actually know The Man), summed up the Pink Houses 2011 performance there with – “those guys played Johnny’s music right” … Shouldn’t they know?