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Date City Venue
09/21/18 Dousman, WI Private Party – Dousman, WI
Time: 7:00pm. Sorry, you need an invite to get into this party! Pink Houses plays 7-10PM.
09/22/18 St Germain, WI Private Wedding
Time: 7:00pm. Private Wedding. You need an invite to get into this party!
09/27/18 Madison, WI Private Party – Madison, WI
Time: 8:00pm. Sorry, you need an invite to get into this party! Pink Houses plays from 8PM to midnight for the American Society of Legislative Clerks and Secretaries.
10/20/18 Monticello, WI Private Party
Time: 7:00pm. You need an invite to get into this party! Pink Houses plays 7PM-midnight.

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Introducing Pink Houses Get to know us!

Our Song List

A Pink Houses show promises to treat every John Mellencamp fan to all of their favorite tunes, from his very beginnings and best-known classic to his most-recent hit songs. Pink Houses takes you on a musical journey punctuated by some of the most well-known songs ever performed by an American artist!

In addition, a Pink Houses show features a number of tunes by artists not named John Mellencamp.

View the current Pink Houses song list

Check out the Pink Houses John Mellencamp song list

Rockin' since 2003!

Based in southern Wisconsin, Pink Houses is an 11-piece, live party band playing the classic rock hits from top artists from the 1970s to today.

Ask any of the thousands of people throughout the Midwest who have witnessed a Pink Houses show and it’s likely you’ll get a reply suggesting that this 11-piece band is the closest thing to the real deal.

Consider this: How many self-described tribute bands actually get to perform for their particular artist’s hometown fan base under the guise of that artist’s “Ultimate Tribute Band” and then pull it off not just once, but two years in a row?


Audio & Video

If you've ever witnessed a Pink Houses live show, you know that in addition to the sounds of "Mellencamp ... and more," there is always something happening on stage.

If you haven't had the pleasure of seeing Pink Houses live, we hope that these audio and video clips will convince you to come out to the next show near your hometown!

Visit the Pink Houses video library

Visit the Pink Houses audio library

Find out who's makingPink Houses LineupThose beautiful sounds

Tom Reitz

Role: Lead Vocals, Guitar

Meet Tom "Dr. Tom" Reitz (more…)

Kim Bates

Role: Backup Vocals

Meet Kim Bates Born September 6th, 1985 Hometown Mequon, WI Band contributions Backup vocals What I do when I’m not performing I am definitely a “right side of the brain” kind of girl. Not only to I love music and performing, but I also love art and being creative. My “real job” is teaching art at J.C. McKenna Middle School in Evansville, WI. Call me crazy for working with teenagers…

Jacki Fairbairn

Role: Backup Vocals

Meet Jacki Fairbairn Bio coming soon!

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